Jaap Gordijn

Jaap GORDIJN  is an associate professor of e-business at the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the Free University, Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD degree from the Free University Amsterdam on e-business modeling. His research interest concentrates on innovative e-business applications. Specifically, he works on requirements engineering approaches for e-business. He is a key developer of, and has internationally published on, the e3value e-business modeling methodology, addressing the integration of strategic e-business decision making with ICT requirements and systems engineering.

He has been working on EC-funded projects in the field of e-business such as Obelix,  BusMod, Interop and FENIX. Before joining the Free University, he was a member of Cisco’s world-wide Internet Business Solution Group and senior manager of the e-business group at Deloitte & Touche. As such, he was involved in rolling out e-business applications in the banking, insurance, and digital content industries

For more information, visit http://e3value.few.vu.nl/